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Air Wick Filter & Fresh

Experience a revolution in home air freshening with unique Odourtrap™ technology.

So how does it work? A quiet, yet powerful fan physically pulls in bad odours from the atmosphere and traps them in our Odourtrap™ charcoal filter. Then, the trapped air is gently fragranced with your choice of Air Wick scent before the fan disperses it throughout your room. Unlike ordinary air fresheners that just mask bad odours, Filter & Fresh actually removes smells, delivering a cleaner, fresher fragrance experience for you and your family.

Three simple steps to a clean, fresh smelling home:

  1. Filter & Fresh breathes in bad odours via a powered fan
  2. The Odourtrap™ charcoal filter traps the bad odours
  3. The Filter & Fresh fan breathes out a signature Air Wick fragrance
  • Long lasting for up to 40 days*
  • Choose from 5 intensity settings
  • 100% fragrance oil
  • No batteries required

*on low setting

Available in different looks to suit your home

Air Wick Filter & Fresh comes in a choice of colours, so you can make sure your home looks as good as it smells. Choose from White or Sandstone.

This product has been discontinued and may not be available at all supermarkets.

Air Wick  Filter & Fresh
Air Wick  Filter & Fresh

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