Pure Beach Escapes

Escape with our Scents

A whiff of light sea breeze mixed with the scent of freshly bloomed flowers. Allow your imagination to transport you to the iconic Bondi surf as you hear waves crashing on the fine sandy beach.


Savour the refreshing smell of exotic fruits and fragrant flowers and escape to the tropical island paradise of beautiful Whitsunday.

Experience a getaway in one spray.

Our Products




Made from natural rattan stems to delicately diffuse wonderful fragrances. Create a welcoming atmosphere in your home with its natural fragrance experience and elegant design


Air Wick Pure Beach Escapes Aerosols neutralises odours, diffusing a fresh and wonderful fragrance in your home.


Air Wick Pure Freshmatic automatically releases bursts of fragrances for constant freshness in your home.


Air Wick Pure Beach Escapes candle gives an aesthetic touch and warm ambience to any room in your house.